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Our Space

At Rowan Tree Preschool, we strive to create a warm and inviting space in which your children can learn and grow. Large, south-facing windows allow the natural light to shine in all day. Our classroom has a gathering area for the children to come together for singing and storytelling. Stories can also be found in animal land, where a miniature community of animals and gnomes live together and work hard to help each other. In our craft corner children gather to paint, model with clay, create collage, make beading crafts, and work on seasonal art. A daily nature walk to the local park is also an important component of the day, and the children love to observe the seasonal and daily changes around them as they walk and explore. There is a seasonal nature table in the classroom for the objects that the children find during our walks. Once we are back from our walk, the children eagerly gather for lunch, which is also a popular time for singing and conversation. The children are given many opportunities for self-directed play, which builds resilience, confidence and strengthens communication and socialization skills.

Our Morning Song:

Good morning dear Earth
Good morning dear Sun
Good morning dear rocks and dear bushes everyone
Good morning to the bears and the birds in the tree
Good morning to you and good morning to me

A Brief History of Waldorf Education

Waldorf education is a worldwide system of education for preschool through grade 12 developed from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner, an Austrian scientist, educator and writer, turned his attention to education after the First World War at the request of a friend who helped Steiner found a school for the children of the workers at the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart in 1919. The impulse for ‘Waldorf education’ as it came to be called, spread throughout Europe, with the first school in America being founded in New York City in 1928.

Steiner was a pioneer in the area of developmentally based, age appropriate learning, and many of his teachings were later born out by the work of Gesell, Piaget and others. In addition, he sought to develop a balanced education for the “whole child”, one which would engage the child’s feeling and willing, as well as thinking and would leave his or her inner nature acknowledged, but free. From preschool through to high school, the goal of Waldorf education is the same – a balanced education that strives to develop the physical, emotional and spiritual forces at work in each child.


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