We are now enrolling for the FALL!

Founded in 2004, Rowan Tree Children’s School currently offers a preschool program for ages 2.5 – 5 yrs. The program currently runs Monday through Thursday, from 9-3 pm. The group size for each day is capped at ten children, offering a warm and nurturing environment, one that nourishes the senses through self-directed play, imitation and rhythm.  In 2011, we became a provincially licensed day care centre and added an Early Childhood Educator (RECE) to our staff. Then in 2017 the Rowan Tree Children’s School became an incorporated non-profit school. We soon hope to offer a kindergarten program for ages 4-6 yrs.


As of Sept. 4th 2018, we will be running out of our new home at 1545 Monaghan Rd. (in the Mount Community Centre). We are now enrolling for the fall! Please contact us if you wish to come in for a visit or to register for September, 2018.

Inspired by the principles of Waldorf education, we provide an environment that is tuned to the sensibilities of young children. Through music, art, stories, rhythm of the day, we foster a child’s curiosity and interest in the world. We feel we can only instill a sense of caring and compassion in children, if we, as teachers and parents, act with dignity, love, reverence and respect.

Children learn what they live and they live in what surrounds them.

Our morning greeting songs:

The earth is firm beneath my feet,
the sun shines bright above me.
And here stand I all straight and strong,
the whole world to know and love.
Good morning, good morning,
good morning to everyone.
Good morning, good morning,
it’s a beautiful day in the sun.

Good morning dear earth,
and good morning dear sun.
Good morning dear flowers
and dear bushes everyone.
Good morning to the bears
and the birds in the tree.
Good morning to you
and good morning to me.

Our Program at
Rowan Tree Children’s School

Our goal is to nurture and expand upon an already living imagination and to foster in children curiosity and love for the things around them. At Rowan Tree Children’s School, we strive to set up a social, physical and imaginative environment that does not shock or impose upon the child’s senses and integrity. Rather, we create a wholesome space by providing multi functional toys and play structures, natural materials, textures and colours and room for a soaring imagination.

A well established “rhythm of the day” is key to the children’s experience at Rowan Tree. Children feel safe and secure if the daily routine is consistent and fine tuned to their needs. A time to breathe out (active and lively play) is then followed by a time to breathe in with quiet time and story telling.


Rowan Tree Children’s School
Phone: 705-930-0908