Nature Elementary Class

Nature Elementary Class

Now Enrolling for the Fall 2021

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Our Nature Elementary Class - (6+ yrs.)
Rowan Tree Children's School

Inspired by the principles of Waldorf education and by the Forest School model, we provide an environment that is tuned to the sensibilities of young children. Through nature based hands on learning, forest exploration and discovery, skill building tasks, music, art, stories, self-directed play, we foster a child’s curiosity and interest in the world, build resilience in our students, ignite a passion for learning and caring. We feel we can only instill a sense of wonder, gratitude and compassion in children, if we as teachers act with dignity, love, reverence and respect.

Children learn what they live, 
and they live in what surrounds them.


Our Nature Elementary Class focuses on a blend of forest school models and Waldorf curriculum content.

The class runs five days a week, 9am to 3pm. We offer both full and part time enrollment. Students dress for all kinds of weather since 50% of the daily programming occurs outdoors.

Our morning main lesson block covers literacy, numeracy, history, the sciences, French, the Arts, drama, story telling, music, handwork projects such as knitting, woodworking and gardening and conservation programs. 

We cap the daily class size at 14 students. Our lead teacher and assistant teacher work in collaboration with each other to create and develop a dynamic learning environment, both in the forest and in the classroom that bring meaning and relevance to learning, develops confidence and resilience in our students and acknowledges that students already have inner capacities and abilities that need to be nurtured. Our class teachers work towards building a framework that enriches and supports the students learning style. Our teachers strive to ‘light a fire’ to ensure that our students feel supported, encouraged, valued and acknowledged for each of their unique gifts. Building a sense of ‘community’ and ‘respect’ within the group dynamic is key.

The earth is firm beneath my feet,
the sun shines bright above me.
And here stand I all straight and strong,
the whole world to know and love.
Good morning, good morning,
good morning to everyone.
Good morning, good morning,
it’s a beautiful day in the sun.

Good morning dear earth,
and good morning dear sun.
Good morning dear flowers
and dear bushes everyone.
Good morning to the bears
and the birds in the tree.
Good morning to you
and good morning to me.