“Rowan Tree Preschool is an outstanding program where there is a mutual love and respect between the child and teacher. Each child is treated with a genuine warmth and the school is a calm, peaceful, safe environment for children to grow from the “Inside Out.” Jessica and Rowan Tree Preschool have been a wonderful part of our life for the past six years — with our three children involved in this program. As parents, we feel so grateful to have found a program that encourages healthy living, the love of nature and the value of play as a tool of real learning. With Rowan Tree Preschool the children are encouraged to see the beauty in every corner of life!”

— Nathan and Jennifer Chambers

“Jessica introduces the children at Rowan Tree to a world of creativity and wonder. With Jessica, the children engage with nature, learn to be caring and kind, and enjoy a healthy, peaceful rhythm to their school day. In the delight our daughter takes in the world around her, we can often trace a seed that was sown in her time at Rowan Tree. There can be no better foundation for a child.”

— Barbara Chisholm and Tom Miller

“Rowan Tree provides a supportive, gentle environment for my son to grow and learn. He comes home with wonderful tales of the fun he has had. Jessica provides a calm, supportive atmosphere for the children to wonder about the world around them.”

— Liisa Reid

“Our family is so grateful that Jessica came into our lives. Her calm presence has been a blessing for our oldest son. Her play space environment is an inspiration. Jessica provides her children a day balanced with quiet play, art, story telling and outdoor adventure.”

—Sonja Martin 

“We feel extremely fortunate to have found Jessica and Rowan Tree. As soon as we met Jessica, we knew we wanted our children to have the experience of Rowan Tree. Our son was two and a half when we first went to meet Jessica and he said “You can drop me off with Jessica Mommy, I really like her.” The experiences the children encounter at Rowan Tree are like no other. The environment is warm and inviting, the variety of activities encourages all sorts of self-directed skills, the crafts are wonderful and the outdoor time or “nature walk” as we call it, is simply pretty commonplace. Our son looks forward to going to school and has been afforded the time, presence and encouragement to find a sense of self. We thank Jessica for her kind ways, her powerful presence and intuitiveness.”

— Amy and Brett Stevenson